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Let's face it.  Being a tween or a teen is hard.  As a parent, I know you wish you could make those hard days and experiences all better.   These days teens  struggle more than ever with confidence issues because of social media, and the fact that this is just a tender age.  As a former educator of 24 years, I am passionate about building the self esteem of all children, and instilling a sense of self love within themselves.   I know that when your teen has confidence, he or she can face anything.  That's why I started specializing in teen and tween photography in Wichita, KS and the surrounding areas.  To help serve my clients best, I offer three types of teen/tween photography experiences.

Teams are a 6 month subscription photography experience.  Each month, we have a themed photoshoot. I send out the dates, a Pinterest Board of ideas for outfits, color schemes, etc.  Your teen or tween shows up, and we have a blast.  The shoots last 1.5 to 2 hours, depending on how many team members we have.  Each teen or tween gets about 7 minutes of individual camera time!  Group photos are also taken.  We have a ton of fun, and love to hype each other up.  To see behind the scenes of a tween team shoot, click here.  After the shoot, the photos will be uploaded to a gallery, where you may choose your top 5 photographs.  I will edit them, and get them back to you via an online gallery with a print release.  The girls love this experience, and it gives them a boost of confidence.  No modeling is required, I will completely direct and guide them to bring out their personality.  

The Who I Am Teen or Tween Photography experience focuses on celebrating WHO your teen is. This is a 90 minute session, can include 3 outfits, props, pets, anything that shows who your teen is at this moment. After the session, I will create a book of photos from your session, and complete it with adding quotes written by the people who love your teen the most.  This is a secret, so don't tell!   I know I have a happy mail folder of sweet notes people have sent or written, and I get them out when I have a bad day. The experience of having an empowering and uplifting photoshoot that celebrates WHO your teen is, and the added bonus of having beautiful notes written by people who love them? PRICELESS. It is a keepsake they can cherish forever.  
This experience begins at $1200.  

Still want to give your teen a confidence lift?  Book an in studio mini session.  These sessions are short and sweet, last 20 minutes, one outfit, and will still give your teen a confidence boost.  These sessions are scheduled during the day, and are a great way of documenting this time of life with professional photos in a short and sweet way.  Mini sessions are $350, and include 5 digital images with a print release.  

Who I Am

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Tween/Teen Team

"I really love tween team.  It's so fun with all the different themes with your friends.  It's such a positive environment with everyone hyping you up and making you feel so good. The pictures always come out amazing and it's so fun to see others' photos and how amazing they look.  I love Tween Team!"

"What I love about the team is that everyone is so supportive and easy to be with.  Kim makes all of us feel beautiful and everyone encourages each other!"

I love being a part of Tween Team.  Every time we get together it's so much fun!  I love all of the different themes and outfits!  Kim always makes it easy for me to not be shy and having the other girls cheering me on gives me so much more confidence!


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