I believe in hope, smiles, and interconnectedness. I am a creative soul. I love time alone with my thoughts, basking in the sun, tending the garden, and chips and salsa with friends.  Helping others see their beauty fills me up.  

Kim Stiffler,
Natural Light Photographer
Specializing in creative portraiture for Teens and Seniors

Hi! I'm Kim

I treasure my girlfriends.  Time spent laughing, eating, and shopping with friends fills me up.  
I try to be intentional with my life.  I start each day by writing what I am grateful for, and 10 goals I want to achieve.  So far, I have manifested a french bulldog named Boomer.  He is spoiled rotten and full of personality.  

About Me

I'm Kim, a dreamer, an artist, a mother, and friend.  I love spending time with my family, watching Netflix, reading, laying by the pool soaking up the sun, and laughing.  
I am an introvert.  I enjoy people, but I recharge by being alone with a good book, scrolling the internet, doing yoga, or just sitting in nature.  

"Be happy for this moment.

This moment is your life.

Omar Khayyam"



Enneagram type

spiritual animal

super power

netflix serieS


Type 6. Loyalist

I don't know, but I love horses and french bulldogs.

Encouraging and Uplifting Others

New Girl and The Crown

shopping, friends, gardening, laughing


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