The KSP Team 24
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You want more than a BAsic senior photoshoot

You want an EXPERIENCE - that is empowering, fun, and uplifting

Team 24 is an opportunity to participate in MULTIPLE photoshoots spanning from the spring of your junior year through the middle of yo.ur senior year.  (Plus a grad shoot in April) 

At the beginning of summer, Team 24 gets together for a meet and greet.  We get to know each other, play games, and plan our shoots.  I have tons of ideas, but I also like YOU to have input in our styled shoots.  I want this experience to be the HIGHLIGHT of your senior year.  

Side effects include

epic styled photos
no one else will have

increased confidence


new friends

wondering if Team 24 is right for you?

team 24 is for you if...

You are Excited about working with Kim

You reflect the values of Kim Stiffler Photography - diversity, inclusivity, and a welcoming attitude

You are a team player, and enjoy being creative

You want to participate and be part of the group

team 24 is not for you if...

You don't like getting your pictures taken

You are not inclusive and welcoming

You don't want to make new friends

You aren't a team player

“Be the woman who fixes another womans crown without telling her it was crooked."

– Amy. Morin


Elle Session: $2200 (Value $5,000)

  • Includes Professional Makeup , 4 outfits, & 30 digital images
  • Album containing 30 favorite images
  • Access to all of "The 24" shoots
  • 5 digital images per team shoot

  • Includes Professional Makeup
  • 2 -season shoot - fall and summer 2 hours each
  • Access to all shoots
  • 10 images from per team shoot
  • Professional styling

Destination session $4,500

Destination TBA
Want to have your senior session somewhere else?  Let's go exploring!  

Price does not include airfare or lodging.  

Luxe Session: $3,000
(Value $6,500)

Payment Plan Options:
  • Prepay in full 
  • Amount will be prorated over 6 or 10  months beginning in December 2022 via automatic monthly payments.


Being a part of Kim Stiffler’s 2023 Influencer Team has been an absolutely incredible experience. I have had the opportunity to meet amazing girls my age and create friendships, as well as spend time with Kim, who has the sweetest heart and is incredibly talented. Becoming an Influencer has been one of the best decisions I have made and I would 110% recommended becoming a part of Kim’s Influencer Team. When you are a part of Kim’s Influencer Team you will have the chance to receive the most stunning photographs that are taken during a fun, confident boosting photo shoot. Being a part of Kim’s amazing team will guarantee you the most breathtaking photographs, the opportunity to create new friendships, to feel confident, and to have the most wonderful experience working with the amazing Kim Stiffler! Kim has made my senior picture dreams come true! 

Chloe Cooper

Hi, I'm Kim

Hey hey hey! I love being able to empower young women through photography.  I'm a storyteller, connector, and uplifter.  My secret sauce is hyping you up because I think you are AMAZING.   I have a long background in education, and I feel like those skills transfer into creating a warm and safe environment for young women to bond and express themselves through creative photoshoots.  If this sounds like your jam, I would love to have you on Team 24!

more raves

This opportunity to represent Kim as an influencer has been so fun!  Kim is so sweet and kind.  She will hype you up during your session and make you look absolutely stunning!  This experience definitely increased my confidence and I got to meet other girls!  If I could do this all over again, I totally would!  Kim is the best!

- KennedyTopping

Join Team 24

senior year just got amazing!

Here's the deal:  All are Welcome!  I don't "choose" who gets in and who doesn't.  Anyone who loves my photography, invests the money, and wants to be a part of it, is in!  I do have a limit  though, and when I'm full, I'm full.  So don't let this experience pass you by!  

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